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La Jolla Skin Cancer Removal- The Benefits of Mohs Micrographic Surgery 

Mohs surgery , also known as Mohs micrographic procedure and chemosurgery, is a form of microscopically operated surgery used to treat skin cancer. Mohs procedure is capable of providing full skin cancer removal, and is performed in a medical setting by a professional dermatologist or surgeon. If you would like to learn more about this, please check out West Dermatology – La Jolla/UTC – La Jolla Skin Cancer Removal.

What is Mohs chirurgy used

Mohs surgery is an attractive option in cases where the cancer is likely to recur, or where the cancer is rapidly growing. Mohs micrographic surgery is recommended when the skin cancer is likely to spread to other areas of the body, or when a child patient has cancer. This technique allows the surgeon to inspect each particular skin layer in pursuit of cancer cells, as the layers are separated one by one. Until the cancer is completely removed the doctor will continue to remove the cancer tissue layer by layer, looking closely at each layer in pursuit of disease.

Advantages in Mohs Operation

The greatest benefit of this type of surgery on skin cancer is the rate of cure. Mohs operation offers the highest cure rate for patients suffering from multiple specific forms of skin cancer. It involves carcinoma of the squamous cells. Other cancers which are indicated for Mohs micrographic surgery involve malignant melanoma, protuberant dermatofirosarcoma, lentigo maligna, merkel cell tumour, malignant trichoepithelioma, protuberant dermatofirosarcoma, microcystic adnexal carcinoma, angiosarcoma, atypical fibroxanthoma, and several other forms of cancer. The most popular forms of cancers suggested for the Mohs treatment are basal cell carcinomas and Squamous cell carcinomas.

The aim of Mohs surgery is to conserve as much of the healthy skin and tissue as possible throughout the operation. This skin preservation is particularly helpful in circumstances where surgery is done on a cosmetic-important region, such as the face or neck. Micrographic treatment with Mohs is capable of preserving as much of the healthy surrounding skin as possible while providing the highest cure rate available for several types of skin cancer.